How does Sprintserve network outperforms our competitors?

There are a few main criteria that determines how a network performs.¬†Each transit provider is a highway for data to travel upon. The more transit providers you have, the more highways you have to choose from when considering the best route. How is this advantageous? To put it simply, just like a highway, you may have traffic jams, or some highways may be more direct than others. Similarly, not every provider promises to be the best route. As such, more options gives us more alternative routes to choose from, allowing for a more optimal choice. Our network offers 8 transit providers. The next determinant of how a network performs depends on how this optimal route is chosen. Most networks uses Border Gateway Protocal (BGP) which typically route the traffic best on the shortest route. In the ideal world, this will be the fastest way as well. However the world is seldom ideal. For a highway, you may have a traffic congestion, road closures, and other blockages that resulted in the most direct route being slower. If you monitor the traffic conditions realtime using actual traffic maps, you could use detours that are not congested. That’s what our network does as well. Instead of simply using BGP to choose the shortest route, our network utilized intelligent routing based on Internap’s Flow Control Protocol. For more information, feel free to drop us an email.