Sprintserve has been acquired and is now a division of Smartt


Effective October 16th, 2017, Sprintserve has been acquired and is now a division of Smartt. With this acquisition, we bring you continued support and reliability of service along with Smartt’s integrated portfolio of solutions and services across IT Services, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Branding to get you measurable results with a single point of accountability. We also bring a reliable private cloud infrastructure, a lifetime customer base representing over 5,000 companies, and a team of subject matter experts that can provide valuable insight and deliver technology solutions to help you grow your business,

1) How will the ownership change affect my services?

Nothing – except for continued improvements down the pipeline! Smartt will honor all service terms and SLA’s for Sprintserve clients. Your fees, billing, and service support will remain the same while we build trust with you. Our goal is to gradually introduce changes which improve your services by using industry best practices.

2) What improvements can I expect? 

This will be a positive move for everyone. Smartt is a larger, stronger company with more resources, experts, and service offerings to serve you. We will give you the “WOW” impact through our customer-centric culture, along with the right insights and implementation across our expanded portfolio of services across IT Services, Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Branding.

3) Why is Smartt Acquiring Sprintserve? Will there be another acquisition?

Acquisitions of well-managed hosting companies with a loyal client base and strong technical experts are part of Smartt’s long term growth strategy to diversify our services geographically and add technical expertise to our team. Sprintserve is actually our 5th acquisition in the past few years and we are very good at helping clients feel right at home!

4) What happens next?

Everything will continue as usual in the upcoming weeks, except you will be contacted by one of our Account Managers who will spend time gathering feedback on what services are valuable to you and how we can improve them. Smartt will also work over the next 90 days to integrate Sprintserve staff, systems and clients into our infrastructure, billing and support environment.

Finally, where necessary, we will upgrade systems and align them with our own ITIL policies so that we continue to delivery strategically aligned and technically proficient services for you.

5) Are there any changes to the prices?

There are no changes to your pricing and they remain the same.

6) Are there any changes to method of payment?

  1. If you have been paying by credit card, your invoices will continue to be paid by the same credit card with no changes in the procedure. The charges will appear on your Statement as “Smartt”.
  2. If you have been paying by PayPal, you can continue to pay with your current process for now. Further communication will be provided to clients who are paying by PayPal subscriptions within the next two weeks.

7) What is the best method to contact billing team at Smartt?

You can continue to contact us by email: billing@sprintserve.net

8) Will Sprintserve leadership and employees be retained?

Yes. The current staff will remain on and continue to support you. The current SprintServe management team will also stay on in a consultative capacity to ensure the transition is smooth for everyone.

9) Who should I contact for support?

You can continue to request support, changes to your service or billing through the same method you have done to date. Sprintserve staff will be augmented by Smartt staff who will provide technical, account management and other support and guidance throughout the transition and integration.

10) Is this change immediate?


11) Where is the Smartt corporate headquarters?

The corporate office is in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

12) Who do I call if there are any general questions?

All the staff at Smartt are looking forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months. If you have pressing questions that are not answered in this e-mail or the FAQ, and you wish to speak to Smartt team members we welcome you to reach out to us by using the following contact method:

  1. For inquiries about Billing:

E-mail: billing@smartt.com

Tel: 604.473.9700

  1. For inquiries about our Services:

E-mail: support@smartt.com

Tel: 604.473.9700