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For any of our shared server clients, most of you should be aware by now the conversion of all our emails handling over to our own cloud. For those who are still blissfully unaware, there is just one thing we like to mention in this post that’s technical. If you are using your own DNS, please send us a support ticket with the domain so that we can activate your domain in our cloud. The entries you need to edit at your DNS provider is to change all your MX entries to the following:

  • mx1.sprintserve.net (Priority: 0)
  • mx2.sprintserve.net (Priority: 1)

If you are procrastinating, here is just some statistics that we will share with you that may help give you some impetus to do it as soon as possible:

Antispam Cloud Statistics

Antispam Cloud Statistics – 92% spam rejection rate

For those who want to save some time, that is a spam rejection rate of about 92% of all emails received.

Some of the benefits:

  • The cloud will be geographically dispersed shortly. This will ensure your emails will still be received and queued by our cluster and it will forward to your account once your server returns.
  • We will also scan outgoing emails. This will help protect the integrity of the IPs of the server and reduce incidences of blacklisting.


For our dedicated customers, we can protect your server as well. Please contact sales and we can provide you a quote. We will take care of all the setup and conversion for you.

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